NGL has been operating in Hpa-an since 2017. This relatively small town is a few hours from our Mae Sot site in Thailand. Volunteers in this location normally live at a local guest house and teach at learning centers around town. Past volunteers have formed close relationships with the local community and had a unique opportunity to see a less touristed part of Myanmar. There are many caves and other attractions in the local area and typically students are very happy to guide our HKU volunteers. In this area we also work with one local village requiring our volunteers to spend the week living in the village and some schools provide accommodation allowing volunteers to live on-site.


NGL Myanmar takes place in a malarial zone during the rainy season. Virtually every day there is heavy rain in the afternoon, and often it will rain heavily all day long. Sometimes the rain will persist for several days. All participants therefore need to be prepared to work in very wet conditions.


All accommodation costs must be borne by the participants themselves.  In Hpa-An most of the group stays in the Galaxy Motel where we were well looked after by the owner.  Those staying at the hotel can also expect help organizing daily transport, laundry, etc.  

NGL has a field coordinator based in Hpa-an who will serve as our local contact.   

The rough costs of accommodation in Hpa-an is about US$12 per night per person. 


For NGL Myanmar, the main cost of joining the programme is an international flight to Yangon and accommodation. Participants also need to cover their own insurance, visa and healthcare costs. In-country costs for a stay of around 70 days are generally low. A very rough estimate of the major costs is given below. Note that actual costs may not conform precisely to this breakdown, which is presented as a general guideline only.

Food and beverage3,000
Transportation including return flights from HK4,000
Cultural visits2,000
Miscenllaneous (e.g. teaching materials, insurance, visa)1,500