Shan State

NGL began operating in Shan State in with small group based in Kalaw and at the Phaya Taung Monastery. Since that time we have expanded our footprint in the area. We work with a range of different partner organisations in the area, with many of the volunteers working in remote locations where they live on-site.

There are a variety of different types of placements available in Shan State, and it can be hard to give accepted participants a definitive indication of where they will be located until we depart. For this reason, it is important that participants here show a high degree of flexibility. For those who indicate that they must stay in a school or monastery to cut costs we can make advance arrangements, however, these placements tend to be in more remote areas.


Virtually every day in June and July there is often heavy rain although our sites in this region of at a slightly higher elevation and often cooler than other sites and it might be advisable to bring some long sleeves. Sometimes the rain will persist for several days. All participants therefore need to be prepared to work in very wet conditions.


For those residing in schools, we suggest a donation be made at the end to cover the expenses. A simple way to calculate the amount would be to think of how much has been saved in hotel costs.


More information about the costs in Shan State coming soon!