Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is the largest city in Myanmar. It was the nation’s capital until 2006 when the government moved the capitol to purpose built city of Naypyidaw. This is a quickly developing city with all of the variety of a large city (cinemas, restaurants, taxi’s etc., but it also has all of the characteristics of large cities that we might want to get away from- e.g. traffic jams, noise, crowds, etc.

NGL partners with the Education Network in Yangon providing courses to youth who may be matriculating from secondary school to university. These students are generally eager to learn and they come to classrooms situated in their local neighbourhoods to engage in courses provided by HKU volunteers.


As the programme takes place in the middle of the rainy season participants can expect much of what we get at most NGL locations- frequently rain and hot temperatures. The rain will likely come on an almost daily basis. It is not uncommon for minor flooding to occur.


NGL participants must take full responsibility for health cover and health insurance throughout the duration of the programme. Although all participants are covered by a basic health package purchased through the programme you should read the terms carefully and determine whether you wish to purchase additional insurance. The programme takes place in a malarial zone during the rainy season and there is some risk of both malaria and dengue fever. All participants must consult a doctor well prior to joining the NGL programme and must follow the medical advice they are given.


All accommodation costs must be borne by the participants themselves. The rough costs of accommodation in Yangon is about $15 per day for a shared (double) room for those staying for 6 weeks. The entire group will stay at the same guest house. Which is near to major transpiration lines, but not in the downtown area.

Personal Safety

Yangon is not particularly dangerous, however, participants must always remain situationally aware and cautious. Cities such as Yangon have some nightlife- participants are encouraged to be responsible and ensure that if you are out at night that you remain in groups and return to the guest house at a reasonable hour. Always be aware of your personal belongings and keep a low profile.


For NGL Myanmar one of the main costs will be transportation to the site and accommodation. Depending upon your location there may also be daily commuting expenses. A rough estimate of costs is given below, however, these costs can fluctuate based on where you are posted and the extent to which you manage your finances carefully.

Food and beverage2,500
Transportation including return flights from HK4,000
Cultural visits1,500
Miscellaneous (e.g. teaching materials, insurance, visa)1,500


Yangon is a popular tourist destination with many local attractions. Some key sites are:

  • Shwedagon Pagoda
  • Sule Pagoda