About the Programme

The NGL Programme provides students with an immersive experience teaching English for six weeks in Myanmar. Students will reflect on effective English learning strategies and operationalize these into teaching materials and methodologies. Through this unique cultural immersion, participants will gain appreciation for the role that English plays in promoting social and global mobility as they leverage their own language skills and understanding to work in teams and share their knowledge with marginalized youth at community partner organizations. 

In 2021, NGL will work with schools in Myanmar. By teaching English in a challenging context, students will hone a wide range of skills and seek to develop into global leaders with intercultural awareness and passion for global issues.

Information Session – NGL2021


Participants in the NGL Programme must enroll in the credit-bearing component of the programme – CAES2001.  This is a 12-credit summer semester course which counts as a free-elective and could fulfill the SI/GC (Social Innovation / Global Citizenship) requirements for students in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The course will consist of 100% continuous assessment. Find out more about the requirements for credit here.

Notes on COVID-19

Upon careful consideration of all the risks involved in view of the latest development of the COVID-19 situation, participants of NGL2021 will be delivering English language and communication classes to local Burmese learners virtually. Besides the mode of delivery, everything else (programme schedule, requirements, and major course assessments) remains unchanged. More details will be announced in due course. Should you have any questions, please get in touch.

Tentative Schedule

The NGL course will consist of two weeks of training in Hong Kong and three days of training on-site followed by six weeks of internship teaching English to marginalized youth at community partner organizations.

Oct 2020 – Jan 2021Application & Interview
07 Jun 2021 – 18 Jun 2021Pre-teaching Training
21 Jun 2021 – 30 Jul 2021Online Teaching Internship
02 Aug 2021 – 13 Aug 2021(For those who have taken the SI/GC track)
Impact Evaluation Report (IER)
Mid – late Aug 2021Post-teaching Evaluation


NGL tries to allocate participants to placements through consultation during the training week. However, it is not always possible to place all participants in schools that meet their top criteria. All participants are therefore asked ahead of the programme to be flexible in accepting and adapting to their placements. In the vast majority of cases, placements turn out to be ideally suited to participants’ preferences. But a small number of participants may find that they are not teaching in the school they most want to join. That is part of the deal for a programme of this kind.


The Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Fund aims to offer financial support to HKU students to offset their travel expenses on experiential learning projects. As participants of NGL2021 will not be traveling out of Hong Kong in summer 2021, there will not be any individual financial subsidy granted.