Requirements for Credit

Participants in the NGL Programme must enroll in the credit-bearing component of the programme – CAES2001.  This is a 12-credit summer semester course which counts as a free-elective and could fulfill the SI/GC (Social Innovation / Global Citizenship) requirements for students in the Faculty of Social Sciences.* 

After you are formally accepted into the programme, we will enroll you into the course in April/May 2021. 

*Students taking this SI/GC track will undergo an additional 2-week IER (Impact Evaluation Report) project after the 6-week teaching internship. 

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completing NGL, students will be able to: 

CLO1Articulate English language learning needs and identify effective teaching and learning strategies to address these needs.
CLO2Understand social issues through first-hand practical experience engaging with global community partners.
CLO3Identify key issues and develop strategies to enhance social development and promote social innovation through language education. 
CLO4Develop work ethics, self-initiative, adaptation to the organizational culture, and communication skills for successful workplace performance. 

Course Assessment Methods

Assessment Method Type of Assessment (e.g. description of assignment)Weighting (%)Aligned Course Learning Outcome(s)
1. Internship Training Evaluation of teaching competence by training coordinators Pass/Fail 
2. Overall Programme Contribution Evaluation of work performance (40%) 

Teaching reflection (15%) 
55%1, 2, 3, 4
3. Written ProjectWritten assessment25% 1, 2 
4. Digital StoryDigital media project 20%2, 3

SI/GC Requirements for FoSS Students

For those students in the Faculty of Social Sciences (FoSS) wishing to apply their NGL credits towards the Social Innovation-Global Citizenship (SI/GC) requirements, an additional Impact Evaluation Report (IER) project is required in addition to the normal teaching internship component in CAES2001. The IER will be based on field research conducted in the period (first two weeks of August 2021) after the teaching component has ended. While the IER pathway is open only to students from the FoSS, these students are not required to enroll in this pathway. Those students from the FoSS who elect not to complete the IER will still receive 12 free elective credits but they will not be eligible for SI/GC credits.