Students’ Stories

Volunteering is at the very core of being human. No one has made it through life without someone’s help.

This is probably going to sound clichéd, but the NGL programme has changed my perspective on life. A big part of NGL is ideologically “volunteering”, but it’s more than just that. Most students I taught have been through traumatic experiences during their childhood, most are born poor, and some have lost their families, but they keep pushing through hoping for a better life. These schools cannot afford to hire professional teachers, they rely on us, volunteers, to help them. When they believe that we are their source of hope, we need to be there for them. By joining this programme, you’re not only making the world a better place, but making yourself a better person. Now, it is in your hands to make an impact, and to make the change.

Asimudeen SAHABUDEEN (Year 1, Business)

I taught in a charity school in Yangon, Myanmar and I started being more and more grateful towards the often overlook little things in life. For students there, going to school and learning something new provided so much satisfaction to them and I could see my students being so respectful and determined. Spending two months in a city with a completely different lifestyle can sound quite shocking but I must say I adapted surprisingly well and the simple lifestyle there gave me so much time for self-reflection and contentment. Even after coming back, I’m in touch with my students as we update one another and I still help them out with English through making simple discussions. Also, I am looking forward to going back to Myanmar to catch up with them! 

Sakina Bibi ALI (Year 1, Arts)

You should apply for NGL if you’re looking to spend your summer in a purposeful and transformational way.